Garcinia Cambogia Benefits and Side Effects

Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin shaped fruit that’s a native to India and parts of South-West Asia. It is a popular diet supplement today, but its use can be traced to many years back when it was used in meals for its medicinal properties. Garcinia has been found to have numerous health benefits including improving conditions such as autoimmune disorders and lowering cholesterol levels. Before you buy garcinia cambogia, make sure to find out not only its benefits but the possible side effects it may have.

Garcinia cambogia benefits

1. Lowers cholesterol levels 

Research shows that Garcinia helps lower bad cholesterol levels in your body by reducing the fat stored in the blood, while at the same time increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

2. Reduces blood pressure 

Garcinia cambogia extract also works to lower blood pressure and is therefore ideal for people with high blood pressure.

3. Prevents fat storage

Normally, the excess calories that go into the body convert into fat cells and lead to weight gain. With the extract, the additional calories are eliminated immediately and therefore never turn into fat cells.

4. Prevents ulcers

The extract has been found to improve mucosal defense that protects against ulcers & promotes your overall digestive health. In addition, it reduces the amount of stomach acid, boosting the production of gastric substances that protect the stomach lining against corrosion.

5. Boosts the immune System

When you take Garcinia, it will help strengthen your immune system & minimize the risk of certain diseases like flu. Moreover, it reduces the severity of symptoms and speeds recovery. 

6. Reduces appetite

Usually, the most difficult part about any diet is resisting the temptation to binge. Garcinia cambogia extract is an effective appetite suppressant that will naturally help one get through this particular diet phase. It works by increasing the amount of serotonin, the hormone that partly controls your appetite. Consequently, your appetite will decreases, helping you lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia side effects 

Though rarely, some users have reported certain side effects from taking the supplement. The most common side effects are mild headache, restlessness and fatty stools.

1. Mild headaches

Generally, mild headaches occur during the first few days of taking the supplement as the body is undergoing a major shift; you eat a less than the body is used since your appetite is suppressed. However, the headaches should go away on their own after few days.

2. Restlessness

Lack of sleep and restlessness, on the other hand, are often reported by users who don’t exercise. They are the result of excess energy in your body at bedtime. When you start taking the supplement, you start consuming less, and whatever you eat is stripped off fat. The body will then sense that its energy supplies are in danger and work harder to burn down the stored fat. As a result, if you don’t exercise, you’re not tired enough to catch sleep easily.

3. Fatty stools

Some people have reported having fatty stools after starting the use of garcinia. The reason for this is because the extract works partly by reducing amount of fat absorbed into the body, and the excess fat is removed as stool. This causes the feeling that bowel movements are different.

Some users have also reported faint rash, although this is something uncommon for those who take legitimate brands.

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